Being a Type 1 Diabetic Mom

Being a mom is exhausting, but add a chronic illness that you must pay attention to 24/7, well that's completely draining. Most of the time when I get up in the morning, I take care of the girls first, but I'm trying to fix that. In order for my girls to be properly cared for, I need to make sure I am okay! I think when we become moms, we're just programmed to focus on our kids and forget about ourselves. I see that all the time, moms losing themselves when they have kids. But for a type 1 diabetic, losing yourself can have extreme consequences. 

So how do you turn that mama switch off for a moment to focus on number one? For me it took some time, and I'm still struggling with it. You have to keep in mind that without you, the foundation will start to crumble. If you're not well enough to take care of the kids, then who will? Something I constantly tell myself is "they can wait a moment". If they're not in any danger, it can wait until you are done testing your sugar (5 seconds), bolusing to correct if necessary (2 seconds), and go use the restroom. It takes no time at all and yet I find it so difficult to brush them aside for a few moments. I hear their little voices calling for me. And potty training time, I feel like I need to jump out of bed and grab them so they don't have an accident. 

What really hurts my mama heart is when my sugar is really low and I just can't function. I just lose complete control; shaking, dizzy, stumbling, cold sweat, heart palpitations, and an uncontrollable sense to eat everything in sight to feel better. Fight or Flight takes over and you do whatever you can to stay alert. When the girls were really small, I would have to put them in a safe place until I felt better. They're getting older now and it's a little easier to get them to listen and relax on the couch while mama takes care of herself. They don't really understand that I have an illness that is lifelong. What they do know is that I always have medicine connected to me. And soon they will start understanding more about it. I hope this will teach them to have a lot of compassion for others. And I pray that neither of them get diabetes.

I will continue to do my best to make sure I put myself first. It's imperative for me to be healthy in order to take care of my little ones. If you're a mama, don't forget about yourself! And if you're a type 1 mama, it's even more important!  

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  • This article is everything. I needed to read this today. Almost 23 years diabetic now and my son is now 5. I can’t wait to follow you and read your posts!


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