So tired!!

Ever have one of those days, weeks, months .... that you're just so entirely exhausted? It's been like that for me this past week. I started on the Omnipod back in August and was struggling with leaking issues. I figured it may be a tunneling issue, so I started extending my boluses if I had to take more than 2 units at a time. It was working for a while, or so I thought. End of December, I started having leaking issues again and was about ready to give up and just stick with MDI's (multiple daily injections for those who don't know). I reached out to the type 1 community to give it one last shot before giving up. There was just so much crazy blood sugars that one could take. 

I got all different recommendations like extending the bolus (which I had mentioned is something I already do), calling Omnipod and let them know (I always called to report pods leaking because they should be replaced), using skintac (although I never felt that the adhesive was an issue because I would have a heck of a time getting the pods off me), and then people telling me they just couldn't deal with the leaking and got off it. Well, guess what?! I phoned in to Omnipod for the millionth time and let them know that I'm about ready to give up. The lady I spoke to was by far the best ever and sounded genuinely concerned. She let me know she would have someone reach out to me about it. The next morning my Omnipod training rep called me and told me to try pushing down on the pod during insertion and also maybe put some kind of tape down towards the front of the pod where the cannula comes out. Ok, let's give this a try! I inserted a new pod that night, held it down during insertion and also taped it with medical tape. I woke up low and struggled with lows all day long that day. The cannula also looked like it was in way more than it ever had been. Wow Jaime, you've been doing this wrong the whole entire time. 🤦🏻‍♀️ Next day I decided I would take off the tape to see if it would continue to work for me because having tape across my pod was just not something I wanted to have to do. Well, it continued to work and I continued to go low. I wanted to have a few days of sugars to see if there were any patterns to my lows because I definitely needed to fix my basal rates and maybe more. 

Today is my last day on a second working pod and I couldn't be more pleased. I woke up low, but that's ok because I just need to keep adjusting until I get it right. I'm happy to not be wasting so much insulin and also happy to know my daily insulin usage is a lot lower than I thought. I can't wait to get this all straightened out because waking up low in the morning really stinks. As if just waking up in the morning isn't tiring enough 😂 add a low to that, and I basically do not want to get out of bed at all. But that's just not realistic for this type 1 mama! I have got two almost 4 yr old girls (😭😭😭) who count on me to be there for them every day. They are my motivation to keep improving myself! 

So if you're on the Omnipod and have tried everything besides holding down the pod during insertion, PLEASE TRY THAT!!! It's already helped one other type 1 diababe and I couldn't be happier about that! Cheers!!

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